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Thursday, December 31, 2015

City of Kingsport - 2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

John Clark, Mayor (term expires 2017)

Mike McIntire, Vice Mayor
Michele Mitchell, Alderman
Tommy Olterman, Alderman

Colette George, Alderman
Tom Parham, Alderman
Darrell Duncan, Alderman

Dennis Phillips, Mayor
Tom Segelhorst, Alderman

·       Private Act Amending the City Charter allowing vacancy to be filled by Board of Mayor & Aldermen instead of special election.
·       March 18 special called meeting – Project SNACK (Pure Foods)
o   $22 Million Investment, 273 Jobs (within 48 months)
o   US headquarters for a healthy snack alternatives (gluten-free, low sugar, low salt)
o   15-year capitalized lease through KEDB (backed by City) on Gateway Spec Building (83,000 sf)
o   Purchase price is $6.4 million
o   A grant of just over $1.2 million from TNECD has been approved (and will be paid directly to KEDB)
o   Company to purchase and pay property portion ($449,000) at closing
o   Two year delay before company begins making payments (TNECD grant at the land money will be used to make payments prior to that)

     ·   Summit Initiatives
     ·   Power Franchise
     ·   School Facilities

  1. Employee Dependent Scholarship Program Recipients - Lesley Christian
  2. Healthy Kingsport - Heather Cook
  3. Police Officer Recognition
  4. Presentation to Citizen — Chief Quillin.
  5. Russ Hickman — Parks and Recreation Award
  6. Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council Check Presentation for Veteran’s Memorial –Ernie Rumsby
  7. Buy Local Proclamation
  8. Recognition of Dobyns-Bennett ACT Achievement
  9. Recognition of John Mahoney, Bays Mountain Park visionary                           
  10. Move to Kingsport Testimonial – Sharon Lambert                                
  11. Kingsport Police Dept. Citizens Academy Graduation                                         
  12. TN Parks and Recreation Four Star Individual Service Award – Zellie Earnest             
  13. Gene Still – Remembering the Legacy of a Kingsport Man                                  
  14. United Way Employee Campaign Recognition – Chad Austin                                                                        
  15. Kingsport Police Department Employee Recognition                            
1.       Road Presentation                                                                                                
2.       Carousel Update                                                                                                    
3.       NETWORKS Update                                                                                                 
4.       Downtown Dog Park Update                                                                               
5.       Parks and Recreation Update                                                                              
6.       Transit Update                                                                                                        
7.       Potholes                                                                                                                               
8.       Roads Presentation                                                                                                 
9.       PEAK Presentation                                                                                                  
10.    Land Bank Legislation                                                                                          
11.    Centennial Update                                                                                                  
12.    Brickyard Park Update                                                                                            
13.    Discussion of Process for Filling Alderman Vacancy                                             
14.    Mayor's Comments on First 100 Days                                                                   
15.    Discussion of Alderman Vacancy                                                         
16.    MTAS New Board Member Training                                                    
17.    Fire Ladder Truck                                                                                      
18.    Update on Healthy Kingsport                                                                   
20.    Update on Summit Planning                                                                                 
21.    Update on Water & Sewer Infrastructure                                                          
22.    Kingsport Mets & Hunter Wright Stadium Improvements                                 
23.    MeadowView Update                                                                                             
24.    Charter Communications                                                                                       
25.    Aquatic Center                                                                                                        
26.    KOSBE                                                                                                                     
27.    Move To Kingsport                                                                                                  
28.    Planning for Summit                                                                                             
29.    ONEKingsport Summit Focus Area Reports                                                          

·       Downtown Revitalization
·       Stewards: John & Beverley Perdue
·       BMA: Alderman Michele Mitchell
·       Staff: Justin Steinmann

·       Destination City Investments
·       Stewards:  Frank Lett & Jud Teague
·       BMA:  Mayor John Clark
·       Staff:  Chris McCartt & Ryan McReynolds

·       $1,100,000 returned to General Fund balance (“rainy day” fund)
·       $200,000 returned to Regional Sales Tax fund balance
·       East Stone Commons TIF paid off
·       Passed bond resolution & refunding not to exceed $15,650,000
·       $10,650,000 bond Issuance for annual CIP 
·       $  4,865,000 refunded principal of existing bonds (savings of $165,770)
·       $3,778,500 = New debt (General Fund), $7,000,000 = Paid off (General Fund)
·       $1,730,000 = New debt (Water Fund), $2,400,000 = Paid off (Water Fund)
·       $4,900,000 = New debt (Sewer Fund), $5,000,000 = Paid off (Sewer Fund)
·       Established a Fund Balance policy of 15%-20% of General Fund expenditures
·       Moody’s removed negative outlook
·       Budget Year End (June 30, 2015)
·       $410,000 - Sales Tax over budget projections
·       $584,338 - Hall Income Tax  over budget projections
·       $300,000 – Budget revenue over expenditures
·       Employee Healthcare
·       Key budget messages (Spring 2015 for the FY16 Budget Year):
·       No new positions, no reinstatement of previous cuts unless department heads have been able to eliminate/consolidate/reallocate
·       Pre-planned increase to fund balance ($50,000 to comply with bond agency review)
·       Pre-planned cash increase to paving ($50,000, no debt for paving this year)
·       Modifications to health insurance for long term stability
·       Merit pay increases (avg 2%), no COLA
·       $3.234 million constrained CIP (debt service payment must fit into overall general fund budget)
·       $1,500,000 for landfill cell (required)
·       $350,000 school facility needs (HVAC, roofs, carpet, etc.)
·       $350,000 city facility needs (HVAC, roofs, carpet, etc.)
·       $298,000 library renovations (“small starts” in lieu of new $12 million library)
·       $250,000 engineering building relocation (required to complete project, which is in mid-process)
·       $170,000 Greenbelt (required for Governor’s grant match)
·       $160,000 Fire equipment (required to complete ladder truck, which is on order)
·       $89,000 technology needs for city departments
·       $67,000 street lights (required by annexation plan of service)

Public Works
·       Funding for Sullivan St Phase 2 and utility relocation
·       Temporary transfer to purchase salt due to extreme snowfall conditions
·       Bid to Thomas Construction for Sullivan Street Phase 2 Improvements     
·       $1.19 Million Bid for 2015 Contracted Paving                                 
·       Bid to Vic Davis Construction, Inc. for Riverbend Road “B”                          
·       $1,730,000 for master plan water upgrades
·       $4,900,000 for sewer extensions to Colonial Heights annexation area
·       $1,500,000 Landfill cell construction
·       $1,076,018 Bid for the Landfill Clay Liner Project                                                 
·       $544,000 for Enterprise Place road improvements
·       $250,000 for Engineering Building Renovations
·       Accept TDOT Proposal for Fort Henry Dr at Moreland/Hemlock Intersection       
·       $91,845 for Wastewater Treatment Plant Storage Building
·       $29,000 for Wastewater Treatment Plant Centrifuge Project
·       Accept Federal Transportation Planning Funds on Behalf of Kingsport MPO             
·       Traffic Signal on Airport Parkway at Hospitality Place / Flagship Drive       
·       $67,000 for street lights in annexed areas
·       Purchase of One (1) Caterpillar D8N Equipment Rebuild               
·       Easements and Rights-of-Way for Double Springs Tank Water Line            
·       Award Bid for Cab/Chassis with Street Sweeper                            
·       Provides funding for Streets/Sanitation software purchase
·       Waterline at Walmart Neighborhood Grocery, 700 Lynn Garden Dr           
·       TDOT agreement for portable camera equipment for data collection        
·       Annual contract with TDOT for MTPO Transportation Planning Funds       
·       Transfer $66,120 to Church Circle Waterline Improvements Project           
·       $35,700 to Streets/Sanitation for Cartegraph asset management system  
·       Stormwater Annual Compliance Report                                                               
·       $167,608 to develop Kingsport Area Long Range Transportation Plan       
·       Amend $360,000 Agreement with TDOT for signal at Memorial/Island      
·       Easements and Rights-of-Way for Rock Springs/Sullivan Gardens Sewer   
·       Storm Sewer Easement and ROW for Compton Terrace/Sullivan Street     
·       $4,263 Rebate Grant for Solid Waste Recycling from TDEC                          
·       $75,000 for power franchise consultant
·       $80,000 for Corrosion Control at Old Mill & Hemlock Lift Stations                    
·       Amend Contract between City and TDEC for Landfill Responsibility           
·       $7,300 for 0.13 ac on Cypress Street for Storm Water Utilities                    
·       Condemn two properties for Colonial Heights Sewer Project Phase 2        
·       $40,000 for AEP to replace Downtown street lights on Center St
·       $375,440 Award of Bid for the Purchase of Road Salt                                  
·       Easements and ROW for Phase 3 of the Colonial Heights Sewer Project Vicinity of Quail Creek 
·       $563,000 Budget Ordinance for Citywide Sanitary Sewer Project                
o   Arbor Terrace (Willowbrook)
o   Diana Road (Sullivan Gardens)
o   Ravine Road (at Holston Valley Hospital)
o   Ridgecrest Avenue (Lynn Garden)
o   Emory Church Road (Fall Creek)
o   Rock Springs Road
·       $2.6mm Bid to Thomas Construction for Systemwide Water Upgrades     
o   Fort Robinson north of West Stone
o   Wilcox Drive (Midtown)
o   Preston Woods (Orebank West)
o   Orebank (Orebank East)
·       Amend Contract for the Reedy Creek Trunk Sewer Improvements              Ryan McReynolds
o   Continue of wastewater system master plan
o   Amendment to previous engineering contract not to exceed $366,100
o   Total engineering costs of $562,100
o   Lovedale to Lomax to WWTP
o   Replacing a trunkline that is as old as the city itself
·       Reject All Bids for SR-126 Wilcox Drive Sidewalk Phase 5 Improvements (TDOT unable to concur that bid complies with federal regulations)
·       $90,848 Bid for the Purchase of Four (4) Compact Cargo Vans to Empire Ford, Inc. for Water & Sewer
·       $13,000 - Agreement Amendment with Cartegraph for Traffic                    
·       Easements and Rights-of-Way for Ridgecrest Avenue Sewer Project          
·       Award bid for compact track excavator to Premier Equipment    
·       Donation of Property at Reedy Creek Terrace as Wetlands           
·       CSX Sanitary/Storm Sewer Crossing at Former General Shale                      
·       $10,000 for Cartegraph system for Transportation Division
·       Approval of Easements and Rights-of-Way for Emory Church Sewer Project                      
·       Maintenance agreement with TDOT for safety improvements to Bloomingdale Pike
·       Accept TDOT proposal for safety improvement to Fort Henry/Moreland/Hemlock      
·       Award bid for construction of WTP raw water intake to J Cumby Construction      
·       Agreement with CSX regarding Reedy Creek Trunk Sewer Crossing                                   
·       Easements/ROW for Green Springs Cir to Trinity Ln and Stagecoach Rd to Summit View Ct (Preston Park)
·       Easements/ROW for Ava Drive Sewer Pump Station access road project near Warriors Path State Park
·       Budget Ordinance for Wilcox Sidewalk Phase 5               
·       Contract with TDOT for Maintenance, Mowing & Litter on JBD                          
·       Safe Routes to School (Andrew Jackson Elementary)      
·       Property Acquisition for Reedy Creek Trunk Line Improvements Project           
·       Offers for Easements and ROW for Colonial Heights Sewer Project – Phase I       
·       Offer for Easement and Right-of-Way for Preston Park Drainage                
·       Amend TDOT Contract for the Tennessee Roadscapes Project
·       $1,203 from Traffic Equipment to close-out Pet Dairy project
·       Change Order to Roadscapes Interchange Beautification Project                      
·       Purchase of One (1) Skid Steer Loader  to Bobcat of the Mountain Empire       Hightower
·       Bid for Purchase of One (1) Backhoe to ASC Construction Equipment, Inc.                      
·       Two (2) Cab/Chassis with Rear Loader Refuse Trucks      
·       Purchase Two (2) Automated Recycling Trucks  
·       Bid for Installation of Emergency Generator and Bypass Pumps at Lift Stations       
·       Bid for Purchase of Water & Sewer Maintenance Items                              
·       Bid for Purchase of One (1) Rubber Tire Wheel Loader   

Public Safety
·       $1,005,672 to purchase Fire ladder truck                                                      
·       $100,000 equipment for ladder truck  
·       $51,706 to Fire Station 3 renovations to accommodate ladder truck
·       $36,163 from Fire Training Facility/Equipment
·       $40,000 to Fire Training Ground (completes project) from Emergency Siren project
·       Bid for the Construction of the Fire Training Simulator to Armstrong        
·       $50,000 for Police seized vehicle storage lot
·       $26,500 land acquisition supplement for Police seized vehicle storage lot
·       $60,000 generator for Fire Station #5
·       $60,000 purchase unmarked vice vehicles, tasers, and Law Enforcement Memorial at Market/Clay Street  
·       $20,000 TDOT grant for overtime to support traffic safety enforcement    
·       $21,953 grant for police equipment/technology                                          
·       $5,907 grant for bulletproof vests                                                                 
·       Agreement for Paramedic/EMT Clinical Ride-Alongs                                    
·       Agreement for KFD to maintain self-contained breathing apparatus           
·       $100,000 Fire Department Cardiac  Monitors ($25,000 each)
·       $18,500 for Fire Department master facilities study
·       $47,184 to purchase fire turnout gear (25 complete sets)             
·       Seven (7) Police Pursuit Package Sedans                                         
·       Three (3) Police Street Package Sedans                                           
·       $20,000 for Fire Station exhaust systems
·       $5,000 to purchase AEDs for city departments
·       Agreement with Southern Health Partners, Inc. for medical services for Inmates                     
·       $21,953 grant from Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Program   
·       Four Burn Cell Buildings Donated from Donan Solutions              
·       $47,000 to purchase 3D laser scanning system for crime scene documentation
·       Bulletproof Vest Partnership Reimbursement Grant                                    
·       Agreement with the 2nd Judicial District Drug Task Force                                                 
·       Law Enforcement Agency Traffic Services Safety Grant from TDOT                                  
·       $30,000 to SBK Animal Shelter to match Sullivan County

Community Services
·       Construction of the Rotherwood Greenbelt Project        
·       Donation of Property at the Riverbend Development for a public park     
·       $56,905 for new pedestrian bridge to the Greenbelt near Reedy Creek Bicycles in exchange for donated land
·       $25,000 from Legion Pool Demolition to Preston Forest Park to match $15,000 from homeowners contributions
·       Donation of Roundhouse, Gift Shop and Carousel from Engage Kingsport       
·       Lynn View Community Center In-Kind Donation from Curves Inc.               
·       $298,000 for Library Improvements     
·       $170,000 for Greenbelt Improvements (TDOT Match)
·       $67,500 for Greenbelt resurfacing
·       Approve purchase offer for 0.2 acres on Greenbelt near Keller Street       
·       Accept $165,000 bid to replace 35 year old Bays Mountain Barge              
·       MOU between Bays Mountain & ETSU for research and teaching              
·       Accept gift of property at Borden Park                             
·       Easement with AEP for underground facilities at Legion Dr/Auditorium Dr (former Legion Pool site)
·       $90,000 to finish 2nd floor of the Farmers Market for the Carousel
·       $4,250 grant for Arts Economic Prosperity Study for Kingsport to facilitate study in Sullivan/Hawkins Counties
·       Appropriate $3,500 grant for Library Services Technology            
·       $45,550 to complete Library Replacement Windows project
·       Waiver of Public Library Maintenance of Effort Requirement due to early retirements / salary slippage
·       Application to TDOT for Greenbelt extension in Rotherwood area            
·       Accept $575 donation from Friends of Library for fundraising software     
·       Accept $13,100 donation from Friends of Library for landscaping
·       Agreement with TNT Sportsplex for use by Kingsport Parks & Rec
·       $9,000 Arts Grant for programming Carousel & Farmers Market                
·       $52,500 for Domtar Park Maintenance Building
·       $10,000 to Greenbelt East Extension (environmental)
·       $2,394 donations for Lynn View Block Party                                   
·       Agreement with FC Dallas Tri Soccer Organization                         
·       Library Technology Grant for Laptops & Learning Stations                          
·       $17,999 to repair picnic shelters at Cloud Park
·       HiSet Sublease Agreement at Regional Center for Applied Technology      
·       Agreement for Higher Education Programs/Courses                                    
·       ProPay Merchant Services Application for the Kingsport Public Library                           
·       Agreement with Coca-Cola for Pouring Rights at Parks                                       
·       Annual Renewal of the Service Agreement with Tennessee State Library         
·       Agreement with Verizon to Provide Quality Cellular Service During Fun Fest       
·       Agreements with LG Optimist & LV Pee Wee Football                                 
·       Lease Amendment with Congressman Phil Roe @ KCHE                              
·       $6,332 addition to Integrated Library Software project from contributions of $3,166 from Sullivan County and $3,166 from Washington Co.
·       Lease Agreement for Farmers Market for April 1-December 15, 2015         
·       $ 14,000 increase to Senior Center for gas bill due to equipment malfunction  
·       Approve the Area Agency on Aging and Disability Grant for FY15-16         
·       Brickyard Park (see Administration)
·       Centennial Park (see Development Services)

Human Resources / Risk Management
·       Approved Christmas Eve as an official holiday for city employees              
·       $345,000 additional funding for employee health Insurance to match employee increase
·       Renew workers compensation excess insur. coverage w/ Safety National
·       Renew medical flexible spending Debit Cards for Enrolled Employees       
·       Renew the property insurance coverage through Travelers                 
·       Renew health insurance excess insurance coverage through HCC Life
·       Renew Agreement with Humana as Administrator for health insurance
·       Renewal with Aetna for Stop Loss Insurance for Kingsport City Schools       
·       Up to $5,000 Grant from TML Risk Management Pool for driver safety
·       Renew Agreement with United Healthcare for Medicare Advantage for 97 retirees

Development Services
·       $348,601 to establish Centennial Park project
·       Annexation by request (Bays Mountain Park Road)                                     
·       Change zoning on Enterprise Place off John B. Dennis to support 144 apartments
·       Owner-requested annexation off Kings Grant Dr/Rock Springs Rd to support 10-12 mixed single family & condos
·       $196,015 for Centennial Park design services                   
·       Amend zoning for Bloomingdale Terrace Apartments                                 
·       Amend zoning of the 376 Bob Jobe Rd Property off I-26, Exit 13                
·       Amend agreement for Centennial Park to Include Water Feature                
·       Amend code enforcement sections to transition from Police to Civilian    
·       Rezoning of Jefferson Gardens (near Indian Springs Shopping Center)      
·       $119,045 year end Downtown TIF transfer
·       $25,000 for city’s pro-rata share of Statewide digital mapping project (GIS)
·       $16,000 to mowing (code enforcement)
·       $10,000 increase to code enforcement/removal of dilapidated structures
·       $40,000 for demolition of dilapidated structures (code enforcement)
·       $101,700 increase for KEDB C&F Automotive funding for July 2014-to-March 2015
·       $ 50,000 increase for Downtown Christmas Lights
·       Materials Agreement with Danny Karst, Edinburgh Phase VII                             
·       Materials Agreement with Christ Fellowship Church                                          
·       Amend zoning in Downtown Kingsport to Require Traditional Character         
·       Amend zoning Code to Require Signature with Seal on Preliminary ZDP    
·       Annex/ Amend zoning of the Ridgecrest Annexation                                   
·       Transfer property at 123 Cherokee to KEDB                                                                        
·       Amend Lease Agreement with Alex Stratton on Stonebrook Place                                   
·       Approving a Plan to Create an Adventure Tourism District                                
·       Agreement with DKA to Include Maintenance of Christmas Decorations          
·       Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Villas at Riverbend Apartments
·       Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Overlook at Indian Trail Apartments
·       Community Development Partner Agreements for FY 2016                         
o   $26,945         KHRA Learning Centers
o   $11,825         CASA for Kids
o   $ 2,500          HOPE
o   $32,000         South Central
o   $25,030         GKAD
o   $45,300         Family Promise (formerly Interfaith Hospitality)
o   $45,300         Salvation Army

Administration & Internal Services
·       Brickyard Park Ball Fields                      
·       City Hall/Midland Center Renovation
·       Amendment to the FY 2015-211 Fee Resolution for Aquatic Center                  
·       $350,000 for facilities Improvements & HVAC Replacement
·       $89,000 for technology improvements & infrastructure
·       $105,000 for facilities improvements & maintenance
·       $105,000 for technology improvements & infrastructure
·       $73,226 to HVAC Project
·       $21,499 to Facilities Maintenance project
·       $76,500 from Fleet Fund to convert 19 vehicles to propane fuel                
·       Renewing Award of Bid for Purchase of Rental Uniform Services                
·       $75,000 to Veterans Memorial Phase II (coupled with $78,000 to finish the project by Veterans Day)
·       $25,000 to the Veterans Memorial project
·       Lease Agreement with KCVB for Hunter Wright Stadium                             
·       Amend the permanent easement agreement with Kingsport Hotel LLC     
·       Execute and file contracts authorizing new Mayor to sign for Transit        
·       Software License and Services Addendum for KATS Equipment                  
·       Authorize new Mayor to Execute and File Applications/docs for FTA        
·       $1,376,100 KATS Annual Operating Agreement with TDOT                          
o   Federal = $688,050
o   State = $344,025
o   City = $344,025
·       2 buses & 2 vans for KATS @ $450,000 ($38,250 local funds)                      
·       $17,396 Change Order to the Contract with Denark for Brickyard Park      
·       Agreement with Greater Kingsport YMCA & Eastman Credit Union           
·       Agreement with Charter to Provide Internet Services to the City                      
·       Award bid for asphalt for use by all departments to W-L, Pavewell & Summers-Taylor
·       Award bid for crushed stone for use by all departments to Vulcan & Aggregates USA
·       Renew bid for purchase of gas and diesel for all departments to James River Solutions
·       Agreement with Supply Works for purchase of various janitorial items            
·       Ratifying a Private Act Amending Various Sections of the City Charter                            
·       Fleet to Provide Repair and Maintenance for SBK                          

·       $1,390,718 - Laptops for all high school students in Kingsport City Schools      
·       $350,000 capital for school facilities maintenance/improvements
·       $130,000 for 2 teaching positions
·       $325,000 for retiree health insurance premiums
·       $745,000 capital outlay
·       $6,321 Tennessee Arts Commission student ticket subsidies
·       $481,667 returned to fund balance (due to laptops being purchased, not leased)
·       $1,000,000 from fund balance to employee health insurance
·       $500,000 for retirees health insurance
·       $825,000 for active employees health insurance
·       $101,250 Bid for Beaded Yogurt for Kingsport City Schools Nutrition Services      
·       $102,900 Purchase of a 72 Passenger School Bus                                                
·       $115,287 Purchase of a 41 Passenger School Bus
·       Purchase two 41 Passenger School Buses                                       
·       Purchase of Three (3) 72 Passenger School Buses                          
·       $120,400 Agreement with Frontier Health for Counseling Services for KCS
·       $537,186 - Partial Roof Replacement at John Sevier Middle School            
·       Consider Purchasing Equipment for 1-Hour Lunch at Dobyns-Bennett       
·       Authorization Purchase Textbooks Replacements for Kingsport City Schools
·       Debt service appropriation reduction of $150,000
·       Debt service appropriation reduction of $75,000
·       $24,417 internal transfer at D-B for acoustical panels, an additional classroom, and replacing student desks
·       $5,700 internal transfer at RNR for student and teacher computers
·       $210,000 student nutrition services
·       $127,000 internal transfer for school lunch equipment
·       $26,852 internal transfer Schools Federal Projects Fund Budget
·       $49,792 internal transfer for homeless, school safety, after school programs
·       Issuance of $1,500,000 Capital Outlay Notes for purchase of 2,300 student devices        
·       Rental house agreement for Kingsport City Schools Chinese teacher                
·       Property Acquisition on Overlook Road for KCS                                           
·       Award bid for produce for Kingsport City Schools Nutrition Services                               
·       Amend contract term/price with Tyson for commodity chicken pricing                           
·       Amend the FY 2015 General Purpose School Fund Budget by $399,862            
·       Purchase Laptops for Sixth Grade Students in the Kingsport City Schools         
·       Add KCS Sites to the Current City Agreement with EnerNOC                       


Non-Agenda BMA FYI updates:
·       City-County School Facilities                                              
·       NETWORKS Report (budget, financials, projects)                      
·       Above & Beyond – HMG Pediatrics                                  
·       Above & Beyond – Pristine Springs Water                       
·       Gene Still passed away                                                      
·       Catastrophic technology failure                                         
·       Open Doors (Kermit Addington)                                         
·       Center Street Road Diet update                                         
·       Above & Beyond – Carter’s Valley Road potholes                    
·       Above & Beyond – Rodney Dye                                          
·       Domtar Centennial                                                             
·       KPD to walk beat downtown                                              
·       Above & Beyond – Riverwoods Place 4 am tree fell         
·       Pay & Classification Study                                                   
·       Wellness, Workers Comp, Budget Report                          
·       Veterans Day Holiday                                                         
·       Project Status Report                                                          
·       KEDB active projects                                                           
·       Reedy Creek Trail Feasibility Study                                   
·       Employee Wellness Center Usage Report                          
·       Sanitary Survey Results - Water                                         
·       FY15 4th Quarter Report                                                      
·       Legislative Policy Draft                                                       
·       Kingsport Deals Quarterly Report                                      
·       Kandy Childress hired for Healthy Kingsport                     
·       Weekly Building Update                                                     
·       Bond sale (2.63% rate better than 2.79% projected)        
·       Workers Comp 2 recordable claims (Schools)                   
·       Wellness Clinic at 100%+ usage                                      
·       Sales Tax YTD 7.3% above last year’s actual                     
·       Expansion Solutions Magazine                                                
·       Kudos from a Newcomer                                                  
·       KFD heading to South Carolina                                          
·       CareHere Helps (Michelle Gillenwater)                            
·       Carousel Funding                                                                
·       Employee Holiday Gift - $100 cash                                   
·       City Finances                                                                        
·       Grove Drive Traffic Calming (Colonial Heights)                     
·       Rodney Deel SWANA Certification                                
·       S&P Call                                                                      
·       List of Private Streets                                                     
·       Top Cities for First Time Home Buyers                          
·       KPD officer not guilty                                                      
·       KPD wrongful death lawsuit                                          
·       Legal/Risk moved into Midland Center                         
·       First Baptist $5mm building permit                                
·       Main Street rebuild                                                       
·       Paving set to begin                                                        
·       Water Infrastructure                                                                                  
·       Charter Internet 10Gig                                                                               
·       AEP Fact Sheet                                                                                        
·       Centennial Park rendering                                                                            
·       Summit - Change in Date                                                                     
·       History of Public Relations Budget                                                                            
·       City-County School Facilities Summary                                                      
·       1297 Fall Creek Rd                                                                                 
·       Applebees remodel on the way
·       Kingsport chosen for 2017 AAU Gymnastics Championships
·       Paving
·       Main Street (MPO) $1.7 million
·       Moody’s Rating Review
·       Marketing & PR Director
·       Schools & KPD
·       Carousel stats
·       Colonial Heights / Coralwood Street Lights
·       General Shale Demolition
·       Centennial Seal, Logo and Website
·       State Certified Budget
·       Schools Convocation – “Be Loyal Buy Local”
·       Retail Sales Tax Collections up 34% since 2000
·       Kingsport Income Question
·       East Stone Commons TIF paid off
·       Eastman Inspire projects                                                                                
BMA FYI - recently a question was asked about the status of funding/implementing Eastman Inspire projects.  You will recall they gave us a list of requests associated with new revenue generated by Project Inspire.  We made a conscious decision not to "advance" money.  In other words, we don't plan to spend the revenue until we actually receive the revenue.  In the past, sometimes we have borrowed early, deferred payments for a few years, and then found that the revenue stream fell short of projections.  This created structural budgetary issues.  Of course, these are only planning documents and can be changed if new revenue is identified.  These documents assume additional revenue from Power & Gas franchise fees.  If these revenues do not materialize, we will need to adjust downward.  

Two of the frequently asked questions:

$1,150,000 in FY15 (received in 2014)
$3,900,000 in FY18 (to be received in 2017) - intended for D-B EXCEL
$5,050,000 SUBTOTAL
$1,259,500 in FY16-20 (spread over 5 years) – for typical maintenance, not Project Inspire
$6,309,000 TOTAL (this does not include County funding from City-County School Facilities Plan, nor KCS requests related to the same plan)

$3,000,000 in FY21 (received in 2020)
$5,000,000 in FY22 (received in 2021)
$8,000,000 SUBTOTAL
$1,148,000 in FY16-20 (spread over 5 years in the “small starts” program)
$9,148,000 TOTAL

·       Sidewalk Board                                                                                         Kathleen Beine
·       Historic Zoning Commission                                                                   Jim Henderson
·       Board of Adjustments & Appeals                                                          Hiram Rash
·       Housing & Redevelopment Authority                                                   Linda Calvert
·       Economic Development Board                                                              Larry Estepp
·       Visitor Enhancement Program                                                               CeeGee McCord
·       Visitor Enhancement Program                                                               Bryan Hall
·       Visitor Enhancement Program                                                               Chris Patel
·       Higher Education Commission                                                               Tim Atteberry
·       Regional Planning Commission                                                             Sam Booher
·       Regional Planning Commission                                                             Dave Stauffer
·       Regional Planning Commission                                                             Phil Rickman
·       Historic Zoning Commission                                                                   Beverley Perdue
·       Library Commission                                                                                 Carla Karst
·       Beverage Board                                                                                        Lonnie Salyer
·       Bays Mountain Park Commission                                                          Robin Kerkhoff
·       Bays Mountain Park Commission                                                          Russ Brogden
·       Public Art Committee                                                                              Bruce Shine
·       Public Art Committee                                                                              Brad Hoover
·       Public Art Committee                                                                              Roy Harmon
·       Public Art Committee                                                                              Beverley Perdue
·       Public Art Committee                                                                              Jeffrey Stoner
·       Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee                                            Alan Meade
·       Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee                                            Reba Barber
·       Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee                                            Susan Krein
·       Tree Advisory Board                                                                                Brandon Lemmons
·       Tree Advisory Board                                                                                Christine Barger
·       Tree Advisory Board                                                                                Cole Lusk
·       Tree Advisory Board                                                                                James Babb
·       Tree Advisory Board                                                                                Steve Bingham
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Carmen Moix
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Jean Chang
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Lester Pridemore
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Carol Woodard
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Sherri Mosley
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Bruce Shine
·       Senior Center Advisory Council                                                             Norma Livesay
·       Cattails Golf Management Advisory Committee                               Ken Maness
·       Cattails Golf Management Advisory Committee                               Lynn Mosley
·       Cattails Golf Management Advisory Committee                               Wes Argabrite
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Lorrie Cooper
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Miles Burdine
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Ken Maness
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Olan Jones
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Mike O’Neill
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Lynn Shipley
·       MeadowView Convention Center Advisory Committee                   Wayne Culbertson
·       Aquatic Center Advisory Board                                                              Detra Cleven
·       Emergency Communications District / E-911 Board                         Rev. Kenneth Calvert
·       Emergency Communications District / E-911 Board                         Hunter Wright

·       Emergency Communications District / E-911 Board                         Conner Caldwell
Kingsport is located on the Tennessee-Virginia border at the crossroads of I-81 and I-26 near the geographic center of the Eastern U.S. This city of 50,000 in a metro of 308,000, was planned by renowned American planner John Nolen in his office at Harvard Square. Located in the lush green foothills of the Tennessee Valley, it is surrounded by the Southern Highlands and mountain lakes. Kingsport is home to Marriott’s and thousands of acres of unique, natural amenities at Bays Mountain and Warriors Path Parks. The natural geography provides a temperate, well-balanced climate with four seasons and a natural shelter from extreme weather. Population growth has also been well-balanced, ensuring you will not outgrow your decision to relocate. With no personal property taxes, special assessments, or state income taxes on salaries/wages, you’ll find that Kingsport has a very low cost of living coupled with an exceptionally high quality of life (see for yourself at The regional airport (TRI) has direct flights to Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando and St. Pete/Clearwater with easy access, parking, and virtually no security lines. The public education system was planned by Columbia University and Newsweek has repeatedly recognized the local high school as one of the best in America. Year in and year out our graduates go on to the top colleges and universities (and without costly private school tuition fees). Harvard also recognized Kingsport in 2009 with the Innovations in American Government Award for its higher education initiative. What are you waiting for? It’s time to leave the high costs, traffic jams, and stress behind and discover this hidden gem.